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Dylan Hey

CEO of Hey Digital
The bCast team got us set up with hosting and growing our podcast: The SaaS Marketing Show in a couple of days.

I highly recommend if you are a business and you're looking to podcast: use bCast!

Derry Holt

CEO of OneUpSales
It's been a nice and easy experience getting podcasts uploaded and available to the masses.

Thanks to Tom and the guys for making it so simple.

Ben Gateley

CEO of CharlieHR
We chose to host The Culture Ops Podcast with bCast.

Their support has been incredible and we are looking forward to new features...

Kelly Langston

I'm a podcasting newbie, but bCast made is super-easy. Excellent product and my podcast is live.

Well done!

Steven North

Founder Of Star Point 9
As I already had a podcast, I imported everything from Apple and bCast allowed me to restructure everything. The customer service team were very responsive!

Stuart Hillhouse

Host of the Top Of Mind Podcast
bCast does exactly as they promise - set up podcasters and marketers for success.

Tom Whatley

Founder and CEO at Grizzle
bCast made it super easy for me to set up and launch my show. Audio Inserts also allowed me to easily add a CTA to an eBook to each episode!

Maik Frank

Founder of IntelliCoach
I joined bCast late in 2020 and evaluated it as my home for the Coaching Leader Podcast.

I enjoy the quick, warm and professional support and rapid improvements.

Sylvie D'Aoust

CEO at D'Aoust Training Systems
I have just started to set up my podcast and so far it has been really easy to add episodes and fill in the form.

I'm enjoying my experience!

Neil Bhuiyan

Founder at
With only 8 episodes, we have surpassed the 1,000th download. Tom and the team have supported us at every step and look forward to what the future holds for this limitless platform!

Simon Rowe

Host at Share Talk Podcast
Excellent platform with first class communications and support.

I highly recommend this product and company.

Maria Matloub

Founding Member at OTHERDOTS
Good support all in all, I am new to podcasting, but so far, I like the fact that bCast keeps us in the loop with upcoming features and also involving the community!

Gerry Kirk

Co-host of the Modern Education Movement Podcast
While bCast continues to innovate in the hosting space, what I appreciate most is their support.

I get fast responses and they take my feedback seriously.

Ian White Maher

Host of the Meditations Podcast
I recently moved both of my podcasts from Libsyn over to bCast. I couldn't be happier. I LOVE the UI and the ability to have Dynamic Content Insertion.

This is a real game-changer for me.

Clinton Wasylishen

Quick Wins Business Coach
Fast and precise support. Actually probably the fastest support I may have ever received.

I am super pleased with the speed and accuracy of the response!

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