Alternative To Libsyn

If you started a podcast 10 years ago, you should have used Libsyn.

But if you're starting a podcast in the 21st century, you need something a little more... let's just say: modern.

Don't get me wrong, we love Libsyn. I even used Libsyn to host my first ever podcast back in 2016.

But times are changing.

Podcast hosting platforms and evolving to better suit the needs of the growing number of podcasters.

bCast has chosen our perfect podcaster: someone that want to grow their podcast.

We like to call this person a marketer. In our definitoin, a marketer is simply someone that is looking to growth their impact... whether this be for their own business, their employer or even a non-profit business.

bCast serves this type of podcaster better than any other podcast host, especially Libsyn.

Alternative to Libsyn

Unlimited Storage

Libsyn harges customers for storage. This made sense a decade ago when storage actually had an associated cost.

In effect, now storage is almost toally free. This is why bCast gives you unlimited storage.

So if you need to upload three episodes in a week instead of one, then that will cost you more in Libsyn... but not on bCast.

A Growth Obsession

If you want to grow your show, then you should choose bCast. Scroll down on this page... you will see a list of Growth Features.

bCast, at the time of writing is 18 months old. We have built seven growth features in this time.

Libsyn has a grand total of zero of these features and has been around for over a decade.

Act accordingly.