Alternative To Simplecast

Simplecast is an awesome podcast host, one of our favourites.

But there is one clear difference between Simplecast and bCast.

🫁 We live and breath growth
📈 We exist to help you grow your show
👨 We are marketers, like you...

This means that everything we do... from our feature selection, content creation and support strategy is focussed around helping your show reach more people and your business making more money.

As we know that if you and your business can grow, adding more value to the world... the world will become a better place.

Scroll down to watch the video where I show you how this core difference has resulted in bCast producing features that are growing 000's of podcasts right now.

Alternative to Simplecast

Audio Inserts To Grow Your Email List

An example of a feature JUST built for your growth... is Audio Inserts.

Audio Inserts allows you to VERY quickly insert audio into the start or end of any number of episodes for any period of time.

You can do this to promote a new webinar, eBook or offer you are running. Simple read out a URL in the ad or use Auto Optin to read out an email address for listeners to send a blank email to.

Growth Focussed Support & Community

Our support team consists of marketers that podcast.

Ask us ANYTHING related to podcasting or marketing and we will be able to support you.

Furthermore, we are curating Profitable Podcasts: the largest Facebook Community of marketers that podcast. You can find that and apply to join here.