Alternative To Transistor

This is a simple one...

Though Transistor is an awesome product. It isn't built for growth.

EVERYTHING we do at bCast comes back to one single founding principle: how can we help our customer grow their show?

Now this type of maniacal focus on growth isn't right for everyone. A podcast hobbyist, that isn't looking to generate a profit or grow their show may be better off hosting with Transistor.

But if you are a marketer... or simply someone that has more ambition for their podcast, then you should host with bCast.

This principle has been brought into reality with features such as Auto Optin, Audio Inserts, Transcription, Publish To YouTube, Integrated Affiliate and Headliner Integration.

And we will continue to improve upon these features and build more for the lifetime of the business.

Alternative to Transistor

Convert With Audio Inserts

With bCast... you can convert your listeners into leads OR include sponsors ads in a couple of minutes and a few clicks.

This drastically increases the likelihood that you will capture some of the value that you are generating with your podcast.

Transistor (or any other podcast host!) does not allow you to do this...

Custom Domains

Transistor wil give you a podcast website... but it will be placed on their domain, not yours.

With bCast, you can add your podcast website onto your own subdomain or domain... this give YOU all the SEO value from your podcast, not us ;)