Podcast Websites

We know that you have five different campaigns running at the same time, you're hiring for that new team member and the CEO is pressuring you for more MQL's.

Therefore, at bCast we believe it's our job to do the basic admin tasks that you and your team don't need to be doing.

One of these is to automatically generate you a beautifully designed, SEO optimised, customise podcast website.

It will link back to your domain (a "do follow" link!), will list each episode and will link out to the big directories so people can easily subscribe.

You can even take it off our domain and onto a new domain such as : "yourawesomepodcast.com", or a sub-domain of your current site: "podcast.yourawesomebusiness.com".

All you need to do is click one button within your bCast dashboard.

How to make a podcast website

SEO Optimised

SEO is a long term game that you need to start playing today. Your bCast website is perfectly optimised for SEO (lightweight, well organised and beautifully), it includes all the information associated with your podcast and inject it straight into Google's search results.

Most bCasters will auto-transcribe each episode and insert the transcript into the show notes, which then are shown on the bCast site.

One Click Creation

We know you're busy. We know you may not have time to take all the podcast content and upload it onto your own blog (though we do recommend this in the long term). Instead... all you need to do to add another SEO optimised website your arsenal, is to click one single button in your bCast dashboard.