Private Podcasts

We understand that for some shows, you will want to control who is able to access your awesome audio content.

For example...

👉 You may want to start a podcast internally within your business
👉 You may want to charge members of your community for audio
👉 You may want to offer a higher level of access to you for a section of your audience

bCast enables you to do this my creating a secret podcast RSS feed. You can also control access to your RSS feed by email address, giving and revoking access to a certain subscriber with a single click.

Your subscribers can then add this private, unique RSS feed to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other directories to listen to your podcasts just like regular, public podcasts.

Make your podcast private

Ultimate Control

You have two options to give your community access to non-publically available audio content.

First you can create a generic private RSS feed that will only be available to those people that you send the link to. This is easier and faster to set up, but gives you less control.

The second option is to give each subscriber to your show... a private feed. You can do this by inviting them with their email address. This means that you can very easily disable their access from your bCast dashboard by disabling this feed.

Everything Your Listeners Love About Your Show. But Private.

Listeners with access to your private content will be able to add your private RSS feed to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other podcast applications that allow RSS feeds to be submitted.