Alternative To Captivate

Captivate are an awesome podcast host.

But they are different to bCast. bCast exists for one single purpose.

🚀 Podcast growth

We know that as a marketer, you are driven by growth. You live to see the numbers increase as you know that means that more value is being added through your work and the work of your business.

Both of our founders: Tom and Neil are marketers. They are also driven by this thirst for growth and funnel their passion into bCast.

The result being a podcast host that is optimized to help you grow. This is why you should choose bCast over Captivate.

Alternative to Captivate

Growth Through Inserts

Our favourite growth feature is Audio Inserts.

In 1 minute and a couple of clicks you can insert audio clips to the start or end of ANY episode in your backlog for ANY period of time.

This is ideal for promoting a new webinar, a new eBook or event.

You can even use this to insert sponsorship adverts for specific periods of time.

Get Started At Lower Cost

Because we will help you grow faster, bCast isn't typically the lowest cost option on the market... though it is cheaper to start with bCast than Captivate.

The bCast Starter Plan comes in at $15 per month whereas Captivate's lowest plan start at $26 per month.

We know that if you start with bCast you will soon need to upgrade to higher plans due to our growth focussed features and support.