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bCaster Of The Week 026 - Koreanischkurs

This week's bCasters of the week are Hyunok Jang & Gerhard Reus the hosts of the Koreanischkurs.

Tom Hunt

How To Create A Private Podcast

This post goes into how to make a private podcast, the hosting sites that provide it, and how to listen to a private podcast.

Tom Hunt

Podcast Cover Art: The Ultimate Guide (Plus 20 Examples!)

This post explains what podcast cover art is, what software you should use, and how to get started with your project.

Tom Hunt

bCaster Of The Week 025 - AgencyBud Growth and Scale

This week's bCaster of the week is Walt Bayliss the host of the AgencyBud Growth and Scale.

Tom Hunt

Podcast Networks: The Ultimate Guide

This article will explain what a podcast network is, how it operates, and how it can benefit your show's growth.

Tom Hunt

Podcast Recording Software: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

This article will assist you in determining what to look for in podcast recording software.

Tom Hunt

bCaster Of The Week 024 - Go To Market Podcast

This week's bCaster of the week is Walter Pape the host of the Go To Market Podcast.

Tom Hunt

bCaster Of The Week 023 - BC Wines and Vines!

This week's bCaster of the week is Christopher Mark the host of BC Wines and Vines!

Tom Hunt

Podcast Equipment: Everything You Need To Grow Your Podcast

This list will give you budgeting advice and show you what basic podcast equipment you'll need, whether you're just starting out or an experienced podcaster.

Tom Hunt

100+ Podcast Topics For Your Next Show

This post contains information that will assist you in weighing your podcast ideas and deciding on a general podcast subject.

Tom Hunt

The Guide to Writing a Great Podcast Description

In this post, Bridgette outlines five important steps in writing a great podcast description... which is really essential to set a stage for your podcast and get potential listeners.

Bridgette Hernandez

How to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

In this post, Parichehr outlines seven tricks to promote your podcast on Instagram... which is CRUCIALLY important if you're looking to reach millions upon millions of IG users around the world.

Parichehr Parsi

bCaster Of The Week 022 - Compassion Parenting Podcast

This week's bCaster of the week is Dr. Mary Wilde the host of Compassion Parenting Podcast

Tom Hunt