Podcast Hosting Software

A podcast is an audio content feed, just like a blog is a written content feed.

The difference though... is that storing and transferring a blog post is MUCH cheaper and easier than storing and transferring an audio file.

This means, that to host and distribute your audio feed of content to anyone around the world at any time... you need something called a podcast host.

Good podcast hosting software will store your audio files for you... and ensure that anyone can download them, at anytime, anywhere on the planet.

The best podcast hosts will then do extra things to help you grow... and obtain an ROI on your podcast: welcome to bCast.

What is podcast hosting software?

The basics: covered

bCast gives you everything you need to start and distribute your podcast. This is a birth right for podcast hosting software.

You can upload and edit your content, ensure it's up to date on all the major directories and then track it's performance.

It is what comes next that is getting marketers really excited...

ROI focussed podcasting

At bCast, we're marketers. We love optimising conversion rates, generating leads and overall: adding value. We know that if your business is going to grow, you need a podcast that is optimised for growth.

To enable this, we give you ways to generate email addresses from downloads, easily insert CTA's into your audio content and allow you to transcribe each episode for those juicy long term SEO gainz.