Integrated Affiliate

When you're kicking off your podcast, it's tricky to make a profit.

Ideally you can build relationships with guests that can lead to profit but it's hard to generate revenue from listeners when you have a small audience.

Profiting from your podcast, especially in the early days is crucial... as the more profit you can make the in the early days: the faster your show will grow.

This is because profit will build your confidence whilst also enabling you to invest back into improving your content.

Enter: Integrated Affiliate.

bCast embeds an affiliate link to the most generous affiliate program in podcasting: 40% recurring commissions... onto the bCast embeddable player and podcast website.

How to profit from your podcast

Set Up Once. Profit Forever

Sign up as a bCast affiliate, then simply add your Affiliate ID into your bCast dashboard.

You do this once, and then the bCast links and logo's on your embeddable player and podcast website will generate revenue for you. Forever.

Profit Leads To Growth

Instead of growth leading to profit, in the podcast world... it's the other way around.

Profit leads to growth.

If you can profit from your show early on, you build confident AND can then re-invest those profits into producing better audio content for your listeners, which will lead to download and subscriber growth.

And the best way to profit early on in your podcasting journey is: Integrated Affiliate.