Audio Inserts

Editing is tough.

Either you spend all day trying to do it or you hire a professional.

Simple editing tasks like adding audio adverts to the start, middle or end of an episode, shouldn't take all day or cost $00's.

This is why we built Audio Inserts. To allow you the flexibility your deserve with your episodes.

In a few seconds and a couple of clicks, you can insert audio to the start, at any point during or the end of any episode, for any period of time. This changes the game, as now you don't need to spend hours editing when you have a new podcast sponsor or eBook to expose to your listeners.

Check out the case study in the video below...

Audio Inserts Case Study

Easily Insert Podcast Adverts

Instead of giving an advertiser lifetime exposure to your audience by inserting their ad into your core episode... why not simply record a separate audio advert, then insert it into an agreed number of episodes for the duration of your sponsorship.

When the sponsorship ends, Audio Inserts will automatically stop delivering the advert.

Bring Listeners Into Your Funnel

With Audio Inserts, it becomes incredibly simple to bring you listeners into your marketing funnel.

Simply create a piece of high value content (could be a remote event, eBook, webinar or video case study) that you know will add value to the lives of your listeners... record a 20 second monologue explaining why your listeners need this.

And then insert it into every episode in your backlog in a few seconds and a couple of clicks with Audio Inserts.