Auto Optin

One of the biggest challenges facing podcasters today is the ability to generate an ROI on our investment in podcasting.

As marketers ourselves, we feel your pain.

One of the best ways to do this... is to convert the people that download, listen and subscribe to your show, into leads.

Before Auto Optin, you would have to read out a long, easy to forget URL out during your episode. Auto Optin steamlines this process.

Simply read out your Auto Optin email address during your show, and request that your listeners send a blank email to this email address in order to claim the special an eBook, video case study, webinar or attend a live event.

bCast will then feed those leads through into your existing lead nurturing flows to ultimately convert them into customers.

In other words, Auto Optin converts your podcast into an automatic, 24/7 lead generation machine.

How to use Auto Optin

Convert Listeners Into Leads

In order for someone to do something... you need to remove all barriers to doing so.

We have found that by using a bCast email address, this increases the conversion rate from listener to lead by 25%.

Simply read out an offer that your listeners have to opt in to receive, such as a video case study, eBook or webinar and then ask listeners to send a blank email to your Auto Optin Email address.

You can even create an email address on your own domain, and then forward all emails from that domain to your bCast Auto Optin email address.

Feed Leads Into Your Existing CRM

bCast collects the leads, you nurture them.

With our Zapier webhooks integration and many more coming, bCast allows you to automatically feed the leads generated by Auto Optin into your existing lead nurturing flows.