Headliner Integration

Getting attention on social is getting harder and harder...

Only in recent years has bandwidth progress such that video is now a requirement if you are get be found on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

Cutting up your podcast into video clips is an awesome way to get more attention.

Instead of building the functionality ourselves, we decided to partner with the best in the space: Headliner.

This allows you to click from your episode page right into the Headliner App which then allows you to easily edit and export your video ready for posting on social.

Create an audioform video from your podcast

Get More Attention

One way of getting more attention for your show is to take top clips, cut them into a video with engaging audio waves, trancriptionsand design.

Post these onto your socil channels whilst tagging your guest to generate more attention for your show.

More Engagement. More Downloads.

Once your episode audio and image has been uploaded, you click once to get into Headliner and then can create a beautiful audioform video in seconds.

Export this video, post to social and then link back to your podcast to generate more downloads, subscribers and ultimately leads for your business.