Alternative To Fireside

As stated on their homepage, Fireside is a "podcast host built by podcasters for podcasters".

This is great. Fireside is an awesome podcast host.

But they are different to bCast.

bCast has been built for the marketer.

Now our definition of a marketer may be different from yours... We define a marketer as simply someone that is looking to grow.

So everything we do at bCast focusses on how we can facilitate this growth for our users.

So if you are a podcaster, then go with Fireside as you're host... and if you want to grow your podcast, host with bCast 🚀

Alternative to Fireside

Collecting Email Addresses

Few people are aware of the #1 key to growing your podcast.

👉 Collecting email addresses

All other podcast hosts don't understand this... and therefore don't build tools for their podcasters to enable this.

At bCast, we have built two, and have more to come.

Check them out here and here.

Other Growth Features

bCast growth features don't stop there...

We are constantly thinking about other ways to enable our customers to grow. One example of this is Guest Notifications.

Your podcast can experience a BIG boost if a guest with a significant audience shares their episode.

bCast puts this on auto-pilot.