Episode Title Split Testing

Approximately 2 months ago, one of our best customers mentioned off hand in a meeting that if we could split test podcast episode titles… that would really make their day.

I personally didn’t think it was possible… so I checked with Neil Morgan and the team.

And 2 months later, it’s live 🤓

You might split test:

👉 Email subject lines
👉 Blog post titles
👉 Facebook Ad descriptions

And now for the first time ever… you can split test podcast episode titles 📈

Episode Title Split Testing

Optimise Your Episodes For Growth

Not sure which episode title will perform best?

bCast will show you.

Simply choose two options then...

Publish your episode and over the next 24 hours, bCast will split test them and then automatically select the title that performs best.

Integrate With Everything

Once leads are generated... you then need to deliver on your promise.

With Zapier webhooks you can automatically push your leads into your CRM or email service provider.