Custom Domains

As marketers, we understand the importance of brand consistency.

Your brand must be front and centre. Delivering a consistent message to prospects, leads and existing customers.

This is why we allow all bCast users to publish their bCast website on a domain or subdomain of their choice.

Over time, this podcast website will attact backlinks, generating its own stream of targeted organic traffic that you can direct back to your main website for conversion into leads and ultimately customers.

You're welcome ;)

Why set up a custom domain?

Own Your Brand

You can insert your podcast website onto your own domain or subdomain in a few clicks with bCast's custom domain feature.

This gives you full control over your content and brand. Just like it should be...

Extra SEO Juice

Hosting all of your podcast episodes on a separate domain with your bCast website can generate significant SEO juice.

We recommend embedding your bCast player, episode images and transcripts on your blog on your main domain... but then also have a standalone podcast website for your show on a subdomain or another domain.

This extra property will start to rank for keywords in your niche, sending link juice, traffic and authority back to your main domain.