One Click Submission To Podcast Directories

SEO is not constrained to the Google search engine.

Amazon (ASO) and YouTube (VSO) are both massive search engines... but do you know the new kid on the block?

Podcast Search Optimisation (PSO).

Yep, you heard it here first.

You need your podcast to be inserted into ALL the major directories and for it to be optimised for search terms relevant to your niche.

If you aren't representing your brand and niche target keywords in the podcast directories then you are missing out. It's almost worth starting a podcast just to claim any brand search traffic in the four big directories: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music.

Of course, here at bCast... we have you covered.

How to get into podcast directories

One Click Submission

We will get you into the top twelve podcast directories in the click of a button.

The only two we don't do are Apple and Spotify as, unlike other podcast hosts... we believe that it's important for you to own the access to those two.

Trust me, you will thank us in the future!

Full Control. Immediate Updates

With bCast, you control every aspect of your listings in directories, and can edit this at anytime.

As soon as you publish an episode on bCast, your RSS feed is updated and pushed to all directories. Most will update immediately, some will take a few hours.